October 05, 2006

A young lawyer joins a new firm. Shortly after, he begins to undergo some bizarre physiological changes. He loses his appitite, is unable to drink much of anything, and has a host of flu-like symptoms.

Not long after this begins, he recieves a package - no return address, no identifying marks. The post markings on it are in a foreign language and indecipherable. Inside he finds an unusual ring, pure silver, fashioned in the shape of a triangle with the relief image of folded hands inside of it.

Saying Goodbye to Our Dog

> "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.">> ~ Anatole FranceOur kitchen table is back in the kitchen. T...… Continue reading

Diversity in the Reading List

Published on March 08, 2016

The Accidental Non-Smoker

Published on February 20, 2016